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General FAQ - EarnZ

How does EarnZ work

Short your long links and share those shorten links in your websites, blogs and social network sites. When users click on your shorten links you will get paid for every single valid click.

Will my shorten links ever expire

No, Your shorten links will not expire until you do anything wrong or illegel.

Am I allowed to open my shorten link on a popup or automated redirect

No, in this case you may get banned. So we suggest you not to use any automated scripts to display our ads.

Can I link to adult materials or use EarnZ links on adult sites

We suggest not to use our services on any adult websites. If you want to do it you may, but note that if any issue arises we will remove your shorten link.

Our warranty

We do not provide any kind of warranty while you are using our services. But we always try to give our best services to our users.

Payment - EarnZ

What is the minimum payment threshold

The minimum payment threshold is $2. When you reach minimum payment threshold we will pay weekly basis.

How much can I earn

There is no limit for your earning. It depends on how many users click on your links. More users make more money.

How do I get paid

Currently we will pay through PayPal, Paytm & Skrill payment system.

Will I get paid for every single click

Yes, you will paid for every single click but the clicks must be valid.

Can I receive credit for one person clicking on a link multiple times

Currently we are paying for multiple clicks also.

How many ways that I can earn the moneys on EarnZ

Currently we support only URL shortening method. We will provide many ways to make money in future.

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