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Fully Responsive

We provide fully responsive and high performance advertising platform. We made our platform to satisfy users.

Featured Dashboard

Dashboard panel is designed to provide highly detailed report. It is as simple as user friendly to make you happy.

Highest Rate

We all want money! Right? And we are the key for publishers like you. So just join us we will provide highest rate.

Low Minimum Payout

When you reach $2 we will make payment. We pay weekly basis. We support PayPal, Paytm & Skrill payment method.

Best Features

We provide awesome stuff

Real Time Update

All the impressions and clicks are auto updated and it's real time! Viewing real time dashboard is awesome. And you will get all the information real time basis. We hate waiting so we optimised our tools to provide real time info.

customize Advertise

Advertisement pages can be customised. You can change title of the advertisement page as per your need. We provide some templates to select for your advertisement pages. In future we will add more powerful customisation options.

Always Online

We use high performance servers and network systems to provide always up time. We update our tools to provide better performance. If you face any problem, please report us, we will fix it as soon as possible. And it's fully secured.

Work process

Please follow this process to start making money with us.

1. Register

2. Shorten your link

3. Earn Money

Why choose us ?

We provide awesome stuff

Detailed Report

Generated reports are highly detailed. You can track your daily, weekly, monthly earning and also can see your payment report.

Multiple User Interface

Different ad publishers like to display different types of advertisement user interface. So we provide multi format advertisement.

Integrated Tools

We provide some tools to integrate advertise in your website and blog. You can install ad easily in your website, we made it easy.

We love Performance

We hate slow web pages. So we keep in mind that all advertisement pages should be fast. We try to provide optimized ad platform.

Friendly Support

Our support team is always ready to help you and solve your issues. You can contact 24x7. We will reach you as soon as possible.

We're Responsive

Advertisement can be viewed on Desktop as well as Mobile. We provide fully responsive and high performance advertising platform.

API Facility

We provide API to connect your app, website, blog through API. Your links will be shortening automatically. It can be easily installed.

Clean Advertising

All advertising is highly well-safe and clean. We use strong anti-virus and malware servers which are scanning the ad continuously.

Website Scripts

You can install the scripts easily by following some easy steps so that you can get paid for every visitor who visits advertisement page.

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